Refinance existing home loan

Getting a home loan doesn’t mean that you should be stuck with one lender for all your loan term. Situations might change over time, so is your circumstances and requirements.

You need to develop the habit of reviewing your home loan regularly so that your home loan product suits your needs and objectives.

There might be some instances where you need to or want to change the lender, such as:

Your loan product becomes less competitive in the market and your current lender does not want to look at your review request
You simply don’t like the product and features (such as net banking, ATM network, etc) of your current lender

You want to take some cash out from against your current property for debt consolidation, further investments, etc and credit policy of your lender does not support

Refinancing needs to be done very carefully and may not be a good choice at all in some cases. If you are thinking of exploring your options for refinancing, please Contact Us now.