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Wishing happiness: peace and joyful life

Wishing happiness: peace and joyful life, hearty best wishes to all Nepalese on Janai Purnima. -ThinkWise Team We wish all our dearest client a very happy and prosperous Janai Purnima . Enjoy and celebrate Quanti Purnima / Janai Purnima / Rakshya bandhan 2020, hope you will all have a peaceful life...

We are here to help

We are here to help all our dearest client. We are offering free 45 min finance consultation to review your budget and reduce your mortgage debts during Covid - 19. You can reach us on: Tika Tamang : 0421 157 546 (Sydney Team) Sandip Adhikari: 0432482128 (Sydney Team) Shyam Bhandari: 0423 676 129 (Sydney...

491 visa? This is for you

If you are on 491 visa, this is the best time to buy a unit or house in Tasmania/Adelaide/Sydney/Gold Coast/Darwin. Due to current lowered interest rate, buying home in these places is more affordable than renting these time and we want to help you secure your dream home with a...

Lower Your Repayment

Like to lower your home loan repayment in 2020 ??? If your answer is Yes, stop wondering, inbox us today to know how much you can save. We can 100% help you to lower your payments just by getting a better deal from our premium lenders. Give us a call today. #thinkwisebewise #refinance #carloan